The sad story, how this idea was born

Once upon a time there were a few friends defying the winter on a warm, ever cooler January evening, and went into the forest and lit a big fire to put on a pot with a delicious fondue, in the middle of the to enjoy nature.

Everything seemed perfect.

Till the content of the pot was coming to an end. The host, however, was still hungry and checking into the Round looked. He seemed to hear the hungry bellies, even though no one could really get through, that one would have liked to have had a little more.
The host was struck by the fact that the quantities for fondue, as well as for microwave dishes normally in dwarf units and he should have known that!

A few discussions later, the evening could be saved by having a 24h shop sell the same amount of Fondue cheese was procured.

Nevertheless, the host swore that this should not happen again and so the idea for the cheese calculator was born.